Servo Motor Repairs from Star Automations

Star Automations servo motor repair facilities have been carefully constructed to provide our customers with the best servo motor repair services possible. These workshops include in-house machinists and specially-built test rigs. You can rely on our experience to fix your broken servo motor, no matter which manufacturer it came from, as we are experts in repairing motors from a wide range of manufacturers. We provide a 6-month whole-unit warranty for all of our servo motor repairs

Our team of skilled motor engineers can repair a wide range of motors including:

How does the Servo Motor Repair service work?

The initial examination of the servo motor focuses on identifying any evident mechanical harm to the electrical connectors, fastenings, and the drive shaft.

A series of electrical evaluations are performed on the servo motors, encompassing an AC drop test and insulation resistance (IR) testing, to verify the proper functioning of the motor windings.

Insulation resistance exhibits a dependency on temperature; as the temperature rises, the insulation resistance correspondingly diminishes. Should the windings present a short circuit, it necessitates the rewinding of the servo motor

The feedback mechanisms should be evaluated accordingly, with the tachometer undergoing a drop test, and both the resolver and encoder being assessed using the Mitchell Rig.

Our Mitchell Rig allows us to ascertain the correct lockup angle relationship of the feedback device to the servo motor windings.

The servo motors are meticulously disassembled into their individual elements, with the housing subjected to sandblasting (when necessary), power-washed, and subsequently baked, guaranteeing the elimination of contaminants from all internal and external segments of the motor.

Excessive or insufficient lubrication over a period can lead to the generation of heat due to pressure or friction, which may result in audible disturbances, indicating a failure of the bearings.

As an integral aspect of the servicing process, fresh bearings and oil seals are installed to enhance the longevity of the servo motor’s operational lifespan.

Upon finalizing the service, the motor is treated with a coat of spray paint.

To confirm the proper operation of servo motors at the facility, they are subjected to tests at multiple speeds to assess their functionality.

Expedited Service

Our commitment to exceptional motor repair service is unwavering, recognizing the impact that a malfunctioning machine can have on our clients’ manufacturing processes. That’s why we offer a variety of servo motor repair solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Standard Electronic Repairs

Up to 10 workings days*

Emergency Electronic Repairs

Up to 3 working days.*

*Subject to parts and availability

In House Machinist

Our workshop is equipped with a dedicated in-house Machinist capable of manual Milling and Turning, enabling us to provide a comprehensive service for machining and motor repair that includes balancing, rewinding, and re-banding.

Motor Workshop

Star Automations specialized motor workshop is meticulously crafted to cater to the entire spectrum of our clients’ repair requirements.

Servo Motor Engineers

Our skilled team of servo motor engineers possesses the expertise to service a diverse range of motor brands and models.

Custom Built Test Rigs

At Star Automations, we boast an extensive selection of custom-built test rigs designed to conduct thorough functional testing of your equipment.