Electronic Repairs by Star Automations

Star Automations is your go-to expert for electronic equipment repair. We boast the ability to restore over 200,000 unique electronic components from more than 7,000 manufacturers. Regardless of the make, model, or manufacturer, we can bring your electronic automation parts back to life!

Our workshops are at the forefront of technology, and our skilled engineers have all the necessary tools to identify issues and mend your electronic parts. We utilize specially designed test rigs to ensure full functional testing of your equipment, providing you with the confidence that your parts will be returned in perfect working condition. Our confidence in our service quality is reflected in our offer of a FREE 6-month comprehensive warranty on the entire unit, ensuring that we do more than just fix the initial problem.

Choosing Star Automations for repairs not only means you’re contributing to sustainability by extending the life of your equipment, but you’re also capitalizing on significant cost savings. Repairs typically result in up to 50% savings compared to buying new replacements.

Electronic Repair Services

We offer specialized electronic repair services across a range of product categories. Click on the links provided to delve into the specifics of each service:

Electronic Repair Lead Times

Star Automations is dedicated to delivering exceptional electronic repair services. We recognize the critical impact that equipment downtime can have on our customers’ productivity. To address this, we offer a comprehensive suite of repair options tailored to your diverse needs:

Standard Electronic Repairs
Up to 10 workings days*

Emergency Electronic Repairs
Up to 3 working days.*

*Subject to parts and availability

How does the Electronic Repair service work?

Star Automations adheres to a meticulous and comprehensive repair process, ensuring that your equipment is restored to the highest standards and returned promptly.

Here’s how our repair process unfolds:

STEP 1: We initiate the service by retrieving the item in need of repair directly from your location.

STEP 2: Each piece of equipment undergoes a detailed cleaning to eliminate any contaminants.

STEP 3: Our diagnostic tests are conducted to pinpoint faulty components, examining the entire unit thoroughly, even if issues are detected early on.

STEP 4: We perform an in-depth circuit analysis on all electronics to identify and isolate components that are not performing optimally.

STEP 5: Any defective or subpar components are replaced with superior parts that are equal to or surpass the original specifications.

STEP 6: The overall quality of the circuit board is confirmed using our advanced automated testing equipment.

STEP 7: The repaired equipment is carefully packed and dispatched. We stand behind our work with a FULL 12-month warranty that covers the complete unit, ensuring peace of mind beyond just the repaired parts.

Electronic Workshop

An Electronic Workshop is a space equipped with tools and equipment for building, repairing, and testing electronic devices and circuits.

Custom Built Test Rigs

Custom-built test rigs are specialized setups designed to evaluate and test the performance of electronic components and systems according to specific requirements. 

Electronic Engineers

Electronic engineers specialize in creating and improving electronic devices and systems across multiple sectors, essential for technological advancement and upkeep.

General Electronics

Star Automations understands that our customers seek a holistic solution for their industrial electronic repair requirements. Whether it’s power supply units (PSUs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), process control instrumentation, test instrumentation, or general electronics, we’ve risen to the challenge. Our diversification into various areas and acquisition of essential skills empower us to offer this comprehensive service with unwavering confidence.