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Star Automations, which was founded in 2000, has become an internationally recognized expert in the area of automation solutions. We take pride in providing a wide range of services, such as selling high-quality automation equipment and operating as a service provider. While our Surplus Item Sales Point and Reseller options offer strong opportunities for both buyers and sellers, Star Automations emphasizes the indispensable role automation plays in driving efficiency and productivity, offering pioneering solutions tailored to meet evolving industry demands. Our team uses a vast database and supplier network to quickly locate replacement parts, establishing strong relationships with reputed manufacturers and distributors. We prioritize quality assurance, vetting replacement parts to meet or exceed expectations in performance, compatibility and durability.

Star Automations comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment services, including expert service, testing and repair parts. Enhance your automation systems with our trusted solutions.


Our goal is to spark creativity in industrial automation, guiding businesses toward unparalleled efficiency and growth. We aim to become the top contender in the industry by providing advanced solutions that enhance productivity, ensure safety and pave the path toward a sustainable future.


Our Mission is to set new standards of excellence in the field of industrial automation. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable automation solutions that propel businesses to reach their highest potential. Through our expertise, we strive to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability, making a lasting impact on industries worldwide.

Core Values

Our company's primary objective is reaching sales excellence through a dedication to precision manufacturing, service integrity, and the provision of high-quality industrial parts. We take great satisfaction in our dedication to encouraging surplus sustainability and minimizing waste through environmentally responsible actions.

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Star Automations with a vision of becoming India's single source provider of Comprehensive repair services, field maintenance services and Distribution of various industries like Automotive, Pharma, HVAC, Offshore, Oil & gas, marine, food & beverage, etc.

Star Automations offers a solution for outdated equipment with their Legacy Automation Parts Inventory.

Our automation parts inventory solution ensures smooth operations even for outdated equipment.

Star Automations ensures smooth operation with outdated equipment by offering its Legacy Automation Parts Inventory Solution. This solution revolves around providing a diverse inventory of legacy automation parts that are specifically designed to be compatible with a wide range of outdated equipment.

Extensive Inventory
Compatibility Assurance
Quality and Reliability
Extensive Inventory

Our automation parts inventory solution ensures smooth operations, even for outdated equipment.

Extensive Inventory

Compatibility Assurance

Legacy automation parts provided by Star Automations are carefully selected and verified for compatibility with a wide range of outdated equipment. This ensures that customers can find suitable replacements for their specific machinery, enabling smooth operation without the need for costly equipment replacements.

Compatibility Assurance

Quality and Reliability

Star Automations emphasizes the quality and reliability of their legacy automation parts. Each part undergoes stringent testing to ensure its functionality, durability, and adherence to industry standards. This commitment to quality ensures that customers receive reliable components that contribute to the smooth operation of their outdated equipment.

Quality and Reliability

India's First Universal Servo Motor Tester

Star Automations is India's first universal Servo motor tester, providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to meet the needs of Servo motor testing.

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Discover effective strategies for sourcing obsolete automation parts. Find reliable solutions for locating and acquiring hard-to-find components, read more…

Surplus Item Sales Point enables companies to sell surplus automation items, connecting sellers with buyers and enabling authorized resellers to expand offerings and generate revenue…

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Star Automations offers expertise in servicing all brands of automation equipment, including well-known and niche brands. Their skilled technicians handle a wide range of systems, ensuring top-notch service and support for all types of equipment click here to book service

Requesting automation equipment services from Star Automations is quick and easy. Visit their website’s ‘Services page, find a contact form or contact their dedicated team via phone or email. They’ll guide you through the process and ensure your request is addressed efficiently and effectively.

Star Automations offers a diverse selection of top brands for automation parts and equipment, including Siemens, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), Schneider Electric, ABB, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Delta, and Keyence. These renowned brands are known for their quality, reliability, and innovation in automation. Their inventory caters to various industries and applications, and they are happy to assist customers in finding the right automation parts and equipment for their specific needs.

Star Automations tackles obsolete industrial parts challenges through inventory, reverse engineering, partnerships, expertise, and customized solutions. Their experienced professionals offer insights, guidance, and upgrades, ensuring seamless transitions and minimal disruptions.

Identify and contact Star Automations to purchase surplus automation parts. They will check inventory, provide availability and pricing details and negotiate terms and conditions. Once satisfied, sign a purchase agreement. Payment and delivery are then made, and Star Automations will arrange for the parts to be delivered to your specified location.

To sell surplus automations parts, contact Star Automations and provide details of the parts you wish to sell. Star will evaluate the parts based on condition and market demand, provide an offer, negotiate terms, package and ship the parts securely, and initiate payment upon receipt.

Repair Expert in Servo Motor India's First Universal Servo Motor Tester