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    Sensors > Fiber Sensor Head

Image Part No Brand Description
FR Series panasonic Retroreflective Type Fiber
FD/FT Series9 panasonic Minute Object Detecting Fiber
FD/FT Series8 panasonic Vacuum Resistant Fiber
FD/FT Series7 panasonic Chemical-resistant Fiber
FD/FT Series6 panasonic Hea-resistant Fiber
FD/FT Series5 panasonic Narrow Beam & Wafer Mapping Fiber
FD/FT Series4 panasonic Wide Beam Fiber / Array Fiber
FD/FT Series3 panasonic Space-saving Fiber
FD/FT Series2 panasonic Flexible Fiber
FD/FT Series13 panasonic New Liquid Leak / Liquid Detection Fiber Lineup
FD/FT Series12 panasonic New Space-saving Fiber Lineup
FD/FT Series11 panasonic Metal Free Fiber
FD/FT Series10 panasonic Liquid Leak / Liquid Detection Fiber
FD/FT Series1 panasonic Standard Fiber
FD Series2 panasonic New Convergent Reflective Fiber Lineup
FD Series1 panasonic Convergent Reflective Fiber


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